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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Iklan raya Sphinx-nli (new) !

Mesej yang kami cuba sampaikan ialah ;
- " Jangan sesekali kita melupakan jasa dan pengorbanan ibubapa kita "
- " Kita mestilah mencari rezeki yang halal "

Enjoy ! hehe :)

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hari Peneroka 2011

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. As usual the weekly updating news about our blog group for this week is about the celebrations of Hari Peneroka 2011 location at Bandar Tun Abdul Razak Jengka Pahang. This events held at Uitm Jengka Pahang and be accompanied by our prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak that came to official launch the event. Many events held there and booth is opened to let the people know what exactly this events is launched.

The Hari Peneroka banner.

Our Prime Minister and Pahang Chief Minister look into the replica of the project.

Times to public interacting with Prime Minister. One of the place that public can easily know and meet him.

Other than that Uitm Jengka Pahang also had an activities for example we have a Forum Perdana Ehwal Islam On 7 July 2011, at Dewan Serbaguna (DSG) UiTM Jengka, Pahang from 8.00 p.m - 11.30 p.m. This activites discuss about religions and also this program was hosted by Ustaz Redhuan and invite two motivator, Ustaz Farid Ravi from KUIS and Ustaz Asjad from UiTM. The title of the forum is "Umar". It talked about the personality of Saidina Umar Al-Khattab. They discuss about this topic that how we want to be like Saidina Umar in our life. He was a leading companion and adviser to the Islamic Prophet Muhammad and became the second Muslim Khalifah after Muhammad death and ruled for 10 years.

The day with all the happening and cheerful is out of the line and the the tour of Prime Minister a lil bit changed the current situations also changed all the phenomena in Bandar Tun Abdul Razak Jengka Pahang and also promoted Pahang as well. Thanx you.Assalamualaikum.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Assalamualaikukum,my name is Abdul Mutalib Mohd Muslim and currently studying in Uitm Jengka Pahang.For the first assignments is introducing myself to all bloggers viewers.

Firstly i'm describing myself  as an Active, discipline,music in mind, dedicated, and got skills in marching bands.

secondly is how am i value a friendship?

Ilike to value my friends as my own family, I love them as I love myself and i've got big family relationship in uitm jengka as well. Having friends is the most important things in human life and you wont feel lonely in order to face any kind of situations and problems. Therefore a valuable friendship comes from a sincere heart and you will feel the right things. So for example, above is certain of  valuable friends in Uitm Jengka Pahang.

and lastly is

I love MGT 300 because it helps me to improve myself in multimedia and communications as well. In order to face the multimedia era's i have to learn and make myself a one step in front another persons. Multimedia helps me to improving my skills. Thanx you.

Bro's On The Go

Hey Guys ! Today I want to give a introduction about myself as the author of the blog. Firstly, my name is Muhamad Nasri. Just call me Nasri or Nas. i come from Shah Alam Section 7. I'm studying at UiTM Pahang, taking my Diploma in Business Studies. You can access me on facebook just click here :)

I describe myself in 5 words ;
  • Watching movies
  • Downloading
  • Make a graphic design
  • Honest
  • Blurrr

How do i value friendship ?
hahaha :p

I really appreciate my friends because they always help me when I needs in help. I love them as much I love my family. Friendship can not buy by money. We can know to find the money, but how to find the friendship ? Its difficult right ?

I love MGT 300 because this subject has give me alot of information about information technology. In this subject I have more knowledge about using IT to make business and can attract people through the internet. It is really exciting to learn more and more about this especially with our lecturer, Miss Huda. She is really a strict person, but I know that she really cares about her students so much, easy to say she is awesome :) hehehe

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Assalamulaikum, My name is MOHD RIDHWAN NAJMI. I live in Selangor and studied in Uitm Pahang for Diploma in business studied. I'M 20 years old and still single. my task for this week is to introduce myself to all bloggers....
First, i describe myself as a person that friendly, honestly, active, cheerful, and kindly.
Second,how i value my friendship?, a family that always be there went i need a bro that respect each other. 3.they are the best bro in the world.
Lastly,I love MGT 300 because the lecturer is my P.A =) hahahah
seriously i love it because it is important for myself to know I.T because it been use in our life today.Beside that it important in business that I.T can serve the company to get fastest profit they can get. It make sense for me (also business student that) to know it.
That all for my task n hope we can blog again.Assalamulaikum n see ya...

Thursday, 30 June 2011

my personal

  • ~ I am Muhamad Redzuan and I came from Jengka 18, Pahang.

  • ~ I am the person that love to watch television, singing, touring, fishing and also eating ~~

  • ~ I like to value my friends as my own siblings and I would like to respect and also helping them in any situation if needed and if I can afford it.
~ My expectation for MGT300 is this subject will lead me to gain a lot of information on the IT which is compulsory in our nowadays life. This can help me, so that I will not be left behind in technological advances.